They say everyone has a soulmate in this world. She believes it to be true.
After all, he was the perfect father to her kids, and the sole bread earner in the family who fulfilled all his family's wordly and materialistic desires.

He claims to love her. He looks at her and smiles, the hollowness in her heart remains unnoticed, as do the mist in her eyes,..

...along with her tattered torn clothes and her bruised face.


mahnoor | 9:51 PM

aye hayyyyeeeeee... hot skin!

and such a sad post :( tis a beauty though...

Viks | 6:57 AM

nice blog, but both the girls failed to blow me away! ;)

Paki | 4:55 PM

Yes Vik you are right. I agree because ...

He may have a bruised soul too .. that no one looked into...

Anonymous | 11:22 PM

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