She lives her life for people. People she cares for, people who mean the world to her. Her laughter endorsing joy under a thick veil of emptiness. Yes, she has grown up too soon.

Once again, she would sell her soul, just to have her head rest in her mom's lap..

...and just cry.


Viks | 3:58 AM

Its funny how, sometimes, we miss those moments which are bygone now. Either we missed 'em or we wish they come by again - but I guess they never.

Maybe its just a realization for us that we should appreciate what's around us, before we end up doing the same thing and later moaning about it.


Mysh | 4:58 AM

"Yes, she has grown too soon.."

-- cudnt agree and relate to it more. :)

Mysh | 4:59 AM

oh n btw, i ADORE this color... ur template's skin.

White Magpie | 6:15 AM

I would too. Just to rest moi head once more in ma's lap.