It was a lovely day. Sunny with a mild breeze. The view was breathtaking with waves slashing against giant black rocks. She dug her feet into the warm glistening sand, staring at the birds flying in the horizon, almost dipping into the calm sea in the distance. She felt water spray on her face every time a wave crashed, turned into white foam and disappeared. It was something she would usually love after weeks of stressful work, yet she still felt incomplete. She yearned for serenity.

And just then she feels his arms round her waist pulling her backwards towards him. He bends to rest his chin on her shoulder. She looks at him through the corner of her eyes and sighs.

There it was. Serenity. Tranquility. Perfection.


Anushay. | 10:40 AM

This is what I did after reading this:


Maryam | 9:13 AM

Very sweet.

Anonymous | 12:24 AM

Easily one of the sweetest, most soothing posts I came across over the past week. And I scanned through your blog... love your writing. =]

¤Ü•B¤ | 9:15 AM

love what u wrote... and also like ur template !!

DysfunctionaL | 3:02 PM

thank u guys, keep visiting! :)

SAMMb | 10:35 PM

sigh .... beautifully written. It made me miss the serenity of the beach... which for me is always complete. and perfect :)