I love how you give me missed calls when you want me to call you, and then pretend you were calling but the signal kept on dropping. I love how you're a million and one miles away, but you still have an aura of presence around me.
The sound of your voice, the way you say 'hello', the way you laugh, the way you sarcastically joke, everything about you, makes me so happy. My mood suddenly changes, everything around me seems so much more meaningful.
I know you miss me too. Maybe not as much as I miss you, but I'm sure you do. You pretend to be cool, but I still see your defense mechanism working.
I'm so tired of pulling away and living in denial. I know you are too, so why can't we just give in? Why DON'T we just give in? Why should we wait till its too late?
We're so perfect for each other.. so perfect.

If we ever lose each other, I will never forgive you... for making me care, for making me miss you, for giving you so much priority, for wanting to be with you, and most of all... for making me love you.


my alter ego | 2:25 PM


The Surreptitious Fabric | 7:57 AM

I've never been able to figure out missed call signals. I'm never sure if they mean 'I'm busy' or 'Call me' or 'I'm low on credit!' =P

Minerva | 11:22 PM

Awww :)

SAMMb | 10:37 PM

:) enjoy it! the early part... these feelings ... its the best!!