Music in the background. Not blaring. Not barely audible. Just the perfect volume.
The song - romantic. Not overly mushy. Not the teenage-love kind. Just perfectly romantic for their situation.

She looks at him, smiles and says, "You know, this is one of the best songs you've ever made me listen to."
He smiles back, pleased that his choice in music is appreciated, and says, "aaah, this is one of my absolute favorites. I associate this song with one and one person only...'s not you."


mahnoor | 4:26 PM

this would be the perfect situation to take off your heels and bash his head in.

White Magpie | 2:15 AM

Hilarious..bastard :))

White Magpie | 2:15 AM

Hilarious..bastard :)) Not

karmic_jay | 6:57 AM

Ouch! Did soemthing get dumped on his head?

Tez | 8:13 AM

that is kinda harsh but is it ok i found the situation a little funny? (something out of a farley brothers movie)

DysfunctionaL | 9:51 AM

harsh, not funny..

she's being mocked, her feelings are being mocked, however there's also helplessness for she can never make the guy associate the song with her.. no amount of bashing, no amount of dumping on his head can change the fact.. just cuz, the song, like the man, is taken.

Tez | 12:59 PM

interesting way of looking at things. but is the glass really always half empty?

DysfunctionaL | 4:41 AM

not always-
but in this case it is.

SAMMb | 10:42 PM

... nicely written.
really like your blog.